Ive been tracking the growth of my edges since using jamaican black castor oil starting May 2 until now July 29.. I am VERY pleased with the results and feel…

Rating: 5/5


  1. aww darn really? yea i actually do it everynight so just once a day…and i apply it to my whole front sides and nape..then everyother day ill put it throughout my hair on my scalp..had there been somethng else youve been using that may hinder the growth somehow?

  2. i have been using this product periodically for more than 6 months, but i havent been using it every single day. and i have seen a lil growth on my edges but not as much as i wud like to. How often did you apply it to your edges?? I do it twice a day when i use it.

  3. i actually guarantee you will see a difference and honestly i only say that because ive had the same issue…my sides would nnneeeever grow back in the day..and this is the only time its actually filled in and i love it!..wish i knew about this stuff wen i was in college!!

  4. i just left a comment below when the lady asked me if my edges just grew naturally…i told me her that just like you mentioned ive had problem edges for yeeears all the way back to my college days 10 years ago..i would never expose my edges because thye were so spotty ive tried every grow grease out there..it wasnt until i started using this i saw and complete difference..i was amazed i now wear my hair behind my ears without being self conscience about my edges. it will work! ;)

  5. i had been dealing with spotty edges for years ever since college and ive been out of college for 10 years lol…but for real..ive tried everything..grow grease grow cream etc notthing worked until i found out about this product..my sides have never looked like this..i would never wear my hair behind my ears because of my edges but now i have no problem.i really hope you give it some time..it will work!..

  6. Hello, I have a problem lol. My hair line is soo damaged beyond belief because of addiction to hair gel, and tight braiding. It’s been damaged since I was 13. I’m 21 now so thats 7 years worth of damaged hairline. I know this product can work for people who’s had damaged hair recently, but do you think it can work on my hair thats been damaged for years?

    My edges has been practically bald for years now and I feel like the damage is permanent by now.

  7. nice growth but how long were you dealing with thin edges before trying the product? It just seems you gave it time and your edges grew back. Not sure if the oil had anything to do with it. I have begun trying this myself, but my edges are so bald I honestly feel like I’m wasting my time and money.

  8. Definitely not ignorant! Hope it doesn’t bother you that I’m not the vlogger answering, but it does seems to work on all races. It seems to me that it just protects and seals the hair and stimulates the scalp. Even the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Website has a testimonial up from a white woman. I hope this helps, and I hope you get some results!

  9. hey felicia thanks for watching..i actually have not tried the pimento..ive wanted to but this is the one i can speak from experience that it will literally work miracles on your edges!!!..i would get the original jbco..you will be pleased!!..

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  11. Hi I wanted to know which product(s) should I try? I am just hearing about these products. I have natural hair but it is very fine and my edges are horrific;) Should I just purchase the Regular Dark, Extra Dark or Pimento? There are a few to choose from. Thanks and I cannot wait to start using.

  12. i normally just put a drop on my finger tip and rub it on both edges..then i part my hair in a variety of parts and just apply the drops in each part and rub it in..i dont wash it out immediately like some think..i apply it every night and wash my hair every 2 weeks..im relaxed as well.

  13. I want to try this to help grow my hair I have relaxed hair and I want it to grow longer specially in the back n to grow round my edges how do I go bout doing that with this oil

  14. awww thanks for asking not thats not an ignorant question.unfortunately im not sure how it would impact your hair..it is a thick oil so im not sure if you want to use it as much on your hair because it may weigh it down..but honestly i dont see why it wouldnt work for you :) ) it definitely wouldnt hurt to try..thanks for the compliment as well!!

  15. Im just going to do this for thicker edges then I already have. I am sooooooooo glad I gave up the hair braids a long time ago because I noticed my edges started thinning a little as a child. That would not have been a good look now.

  16. I hope this doesn’t sound ignorant, because it’s definitely not my intention, but does this work for white people as well? I hope so!

    P.S. Congratulations on your amazing results! =)

  17. My edges break off from stress and having individuals pulling it did’t help. My cousin told me about this product. I searched every Beauty Supply store I could find and none knew what I was talking about. So I ordered it from Amazon, and it arrived yesterday, I can’t wait to see if it works for me. Wish me luck! ;-D

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